When Moving Takes Action – Part 1

All moving journey starter by kicking off at IKEA. As Louise and Clark decide – a new bed is a need for our castle, then we all know a queen and a king sleeps in a chamber not just in a room. Well arriving at IKEA obviously Clark was starving – so a little hotdog for him aaaand let’s go… Walking fare trough all this hallways until we fiiinaly found the beds – what we’re actually looking for as all the chairs we took a pause on weren’t an actually best buy. And was we already have a table – it’s not a need… Clark prefers anyway a table to stick in a cheese knife instead of a boring glas one – upps the cheese knife is a new one. Back to the beds, this older Swiss couple we’re lying around the beds and we couldn’t wait to lie on them a swell, it was a hump day and hump days needs to have a bed involved somehow… After then mattress maybe twenty we decided for our preferred one. Of course we tested it together and bumped on it a bit but not as much as the upcoming week – but later more on that. Off to the beds and Mrs Rodrigez behind us – so quick decision for the type, just left black or grey and ’cause of some above 18 reasons we pointed out the grey one.

As we heard its the most stressfull time for a moving in couple but bottom line was great fun, sharing experience and being in bed together – what actually didn’t happen for a while.

As the time passes one week later back to the IKEA with a fix plan, get the bed… After work with the Smart again to the store – by entering the parking garage we met this APG guy laughing about oue vehicle – but it doesn’t disturbed our plan… Sidenote, he bought some balcony furniture and they are going to be delivered after our bed, so what for a big car ;). Anyway… straight to the bed, as Louise had a day dream how to use some additional bed parts we quickly tried behind a hidden hand some possible ideas and then it was clear, call for Lady Rodrigez and get all done. It took a 30minutes for her explanation about the impossibility to deliver our bed on the April 7th – only by a special action and some return early the week before the 7th. Buuut L&C got confused as there where some other words from Lady Grüther the week before. Anyway order list in the pocket down and uppps the bed sheet, Clark had the feeling upstairs, Louise downstairs – well Bet Got Won By Louise – weeeeel done. Back on track – pay and delivery counter. So the whole process became more delighted as Lady Grüther took over and settled the delivery – as we wished for a delivery after 5, but that quest is still open, could also be 3 or 7 – that we’ll seeeeee. Then idea, lets also get this mirror… So all fine, we leave with a gooood feeeling… until the day after the text from IKEA arrives…:

So, what we do on that, we have to take some action – so Clark calls Credit Suisse, they all coool – Clark calls IKEA, they all coool, but well no there is something so waiting forever, getting a call back and then lunch time. I meet my sweet Luisa for running – so even then I had to hang on the phone, finally after 2 kilometers someone in the line and all check, they found the mistake and we get for the trouble two lunch vouchers. And I have the feeling we will soon have the chance to use it…

OK, the most important thing (bed), check. Now off to the next challenge, what would a castle be without a proper BBQ grill… As Clarks neeeeeds these challenges, he starts to compare all the offers, and of course we wanna be ready for the first weekend. As Louise is a Wetterfrosch and she told the sun will shine, we should get it soon. Finally I found an option with like a fair price/value – order, done. Well done, almost done. The day after the order I get the call asking, is it cool when we delivere it on Wednesday, I’m like, sure go one – which time… Well somehow in between 9 and 2, I’m like, well then what are the options, I seee no options. So Wednesday arrived, I’m in the middle of this important Papagei meeting with the new customer, the Spanish teacher opens the door of my meeting room, behind her the DHL deliverer, they like where should we put the BBQ, I’m like – wtf – almost a little overheat. So instructions, bring it to the second floor, she like, we’re not allowed to deliver it more far then the Bordsteinkante, I’m like grrrrrrr, why I didn’t choose Galaxus instead. Anyway some short instructions to her and the meeting proceeded. But still while talking I’m like, how big would it be, how do we do it with the terasse… so meeting ended, down asking Marin where it is, he, the BBQ is upstairs, so I’m up again, and there is it, this huuuuuuge package. Now my mind turns around, how do we do it, should I assemble it in the office or maybe not. Bring it to the Castle cellar and assemble it there… So still thinking about…

In the meanwhile all packing action starts… Clark found some boxes in the cellar in the morning, counting – getting 10, doing a little math and well now, will not be enough probably, so after the meeting with Joker straight to IKEA and get 10 more boxes. Back home down to the cellar get them ready, all unfolding and starting… Same time my sweet Louise is also doing exactly the same – so a lot of writing back and forward starts – a lot of fun actually, even in different flats feeling super close. So then I look to these 20 boxes all empty and have no idea how to start, OK wine could help for me – Louise smart gets some nice gin tonic and sushi, for me just Italian food, thx god I had something in the freezer. I just figured out that I’m this super lazy packer, all clothes still have the hangers on – well actually sweet Louise also said it, and gun on the table, she is right with it :). But in this case I also have to say, I did it by myself and Louise had the helper Singha, I think she packed like 4 to 8 boxes for her… But that its just a guess… don’t really know that 🙂

Sooo, there is still much going on and more happen tomorrow Thuersday and then on the big day FRIDAY, the 7th of April. I’m soooooooo excited…