This man

This post is dedicated to Thomas Bradley Clark Niederberger.  This man.  He is incredible.  He is my rock.  He is my backbone.  He carries my load physically.  Mentally and emotionally.  He calms me down with his kisses.  His hands warm mine on snowy hills.  His thoughts are intertwined around mine.  It’s as though we rediscovered each other after 1000 years apart.  I have NEVER in my life felt more cared for, more special, more desired, more spoiled, more adored, more fulfilled, more listened to, than now.  This moment in time is precious.  Everyday we run through our to do lists and talk about the accomplishments, the things checked off the list, but I want to take a minute to write down how special my man is.  

We went running yesterday and I got stressed about the move.  I got quiet and silently went through things in my head.  He felt my stress and went into immediate action, extending the van to alleviate stress on Wednesday.  Saturday, I am going to work and he is moving my boxes down 5 flights of stairs with my friends to our new apartment.  The man is by my side.  He has got my back and I feel lifted up.  I am so grateful every day to have someone so special like this in my life.  I thank God for this gift.  He inspires me to treat him with the same love, respect and care.  I want him to feel my hand in his, I want him to know that I am there for him.  I want him to feel safe.  Most of all, I want him to feel loved.  

These words are the most beautiful words someone wrote for me eeeeever. I’m incredible thankful and happy for everything we have. Exactly in three hours from now we’re taking over the key to our castle. A place where all our dreams are coming true, and we’re building what ever we want… My Sweet Louisa – du bist die Frau von der ich ein Leben lang geträumt habe, niemals hätte ich gedacht dass ich etwas derart wunderbares, kostbares und unglaubliches erleben darf. Ich bin dankbar für jede Sekunde, für jeden Moment, für jeden Gedanken, für alles wovon wir träumen für alles was wir zusammen haben, entdecken und entdecken werden. Ich hatte immer gedacht ich habe alles im Leben, bis ich dich getroffen habe, nun weiss ich dass das Wichtigste in meinem Leben gefehlt hat – erst mit Dir fühle ich mich komplett. DANKE für alles…!!!!!!