December 1, 2017, Advent Calendar for Clark

Happy 1st Day of Advent, Clark.  I wanted to record these days in writing because they are flying by so quickly.  As much as we try to celebrate every minute together and every moment we have, it’s almost been a year.

Last night we recorded our first Advent, walking up and down the streets of Luzern, ridiculously decked out in holiday attire.  We stayed up plotting and planning until 2 am when we rounded up all the WhatsApp contacts and sent out the first video.

There is no one else in the world I want to share these precious days with.  I have never been more inspired, more fulfilled, more supported, more loved than I feel now.  I feel like the best version of Louisa.

I wrote you a poem for the first day of Advent.  Here it is:

You.  My Wild Stallion.
My Missing Piece.
sweeping me off my feet
my Warrior, fighting for us.  always.
sex. bomb.
Funny Funny Funny
You are my favorite person.
My favorite playmate.
My best friend.
You are the one I want in the room even when I’m alone
You are the one I want to fight with
You are the one I want to jump on
You are the one I want to laugh with
You are the one I want to come home to
You are the one I want to give it to
You, are the one I will take off all the layers for….
I want to show you every piece of me.
From my weakness to my wildest sexy
I trust you
I want you
forever and a day.
Happy Advent Day number one.