Truth or Consequence

The truth: our 2 year old is like a Wild West tornado on the warpath. The consequence: Mami and Papi are completely exhausted. We all slept relatively good. We woke up and after showers, we headed down to enjoy breakfast together. I should have known the direction the day would take by how it started out. At breakfast, Charlie ran around the table and into the dining room, grabbing fistfuls of butter tabs and bringing them to our table. He would take a bite of something, and then he wouldn’t eat anymore. They had breakfast burritos and yogurt with crunchies, oatmeal, freshly brewed coffee and juice. It was really delicious, but not such a relaxing breakfast. Afterwards, Thomas stayed at the table to do some business calls. Somehow in the moment between leaving Thomas and sitting on a bench nearby, Charlie poked himself with a cactus and had pricks all over his hand. He was crying and crying. I took him upstairs to our balcony and put my spectacles on to really be able to see the thin prickles. They were nearly invisible except for when they caught the sun. I took my tweezers and started pulling. Charlie and his eagle eyes helped me find the ones I couldn’t see. Eventually, we got them all.

When Papi finished his work we all packed up and drove to Elephant Butte Damm. It was enormous. We took some pictures and decided not to drive down to the lake as they wrote on a sign that it was dangerous for vehicles that were not 4 wheel drive because of the rain and sand. Instead, we headed to the park so Charlie could ride his toot toot. We spent about an hour at the park where we met some people who had just relocated from Florida. They had driven up on a quad without doors and fishing poles in the back. They said they loved living here because there were so few people and so many amazing trails. Disaster #2 happened when Charlie fell down and bonked both sides of his head at the playground. I saw it all happen, was trying to get there but failed. Funny thing, as soon as I scooped him up and comforted him, he wanted to go back to the exact monkey bars he had just fallen down through and climb it again. Fearless little man. We slowly packed up and headed back to the hotel for Charlie’s nap. We put him to sleep and then both went downstairs to the covered patio. Thomas worked on projects and I did Spanish class. (My teacher didn’t show up for class but I talked to my classmate for about 30 min)

We woke Charlie up at 1:30 pm to go grab some lunch. After some driving around we ended up heading back to the hotel to walk into the small main street of Truth or Consequences to order food at a place called the Grapevine Bistro which actually served lunch at the Brewery across the street. Charlie was on his toot toot so he was in a good mood and ready to go everywhere. We found a seat out on the patio where Charlie could play with his cars while we sipped on our beers (alcoholic and non alcoholic). The food was absolutely delicious when it came. It was nice to just sit outside on the Main Street and people watch in this small funky town full of characters. After lunch we did a little family walk around town peeking in store windows and admiring the brightly colored buildings that clashed next to each other but gave it a vibrant sense of life. At the end of our walk, Thomas talked a police officer into turning on his sirens for Charlie. *Highlight for Charlie*. We decided to go take a small rest at the hotel so we all went upstairs, got cozy, turned some Tv on and this is when disaster #3 happened; Mami and papi were taking naps and relaxing in bed. Charlie would be in the bed, then hop down and play with his cars but at one point he kept saying iPad mami. So he passed me the iPad and it said “disabled” I asked Thomas what that meant and basically Charlie had broken it by entering the password wrong too many times. So broken IPad.

Then we all went out to the balcony to chill there a bit, and disaster #4: Charlie pooped in his jeans. I went in the bathroom to clean him and the poop went all the way down his leg so I screamed at Thomas to get in here and help me. I put him in charge of cleaning out his pants while I cleaned Charlie up, then put him in the bath. Finally the day came to an end and Charlie went to bed. I drove off to Del Taco in search of food. My nerves were shot and my blood sugar was low. Thomas and I had a little fast food feast on the balcony. Thomas aka Mr. Fix it got the iPad reprogrammed. He had to erase it but at least it wasn’t broken anymore. It was the perfect way to end that day. Then we joined little man for some shut eye.