Santa Fe

We had breakfast and packed everything up, slowly heading to Santa Fe. It was only a 3 hour drive so we were planning on arriving around 1 pm. We arrived and our hotel was already to check us in so we could settle into our room. We dropped the bags at the adorable hotel and then headed into town to find something to eat. By foot it was like a 5 minute walk. The town was bustling, with live music and a square full of people. There was an Indian man doing a ceremonial dance in full gear.

We chose a restaurant with picnic tables for Charlie. I ordered a Southwest Cobb salad, Thomas ordered some tacos and Charlie had some plant nuggets. It was delicious food and a really cute restaurant with flowers all over the balcony. After lunch we did a walk around the town. Charlie had his toot toot and everyone I mean everyone had to say something about how cute Charlie is, or how they also have a grandson that age. He was the star of the town. We ended up with ice cream on a park bench people watching. We decided it best to take a rest and charge our phones at the hotel and regroup. I rested my feet and Thomas took a beer while Charlie played with the water by the front door. At one point he locked himself in the room and we had to get housekeeping to open the door for us.

Eventually we all rallied and headed to see some sights of Santa Fe. We saw the train, a beautiful park, the local Whole Foods. We met a homeless man and brought him pizza, chips, a ginger ale drink, & a croissant for breakfast . He wanted to chit chat with Thomas about Switzerland’s government. But it was late and we needed to feed Charlie & get him to bed. So we continued on the walking tour of Santa Fe, as the sun set with beautiful colors on our left. We were on the search for pizza but all the restaurants were closed. Frustrated we were walking home when someone walked past us with pizza. I immediately asked where they got it. They said Lino’s about 500 yards from here. We thanked them and headed there. Again, it was a restaurant/ brewery combination. We quickly ordered and found a seat out front in the garden where we could still hear the live music but we weren’t quite in the middle of the restaurant.(for Charlie’s sake) The food was delicious and fast. It was late so after eating we headed back to the hotel which was only 5 min away by foot . We got Charlie down to sleep and then we took a drink on the patio. It was relaxing and so nice to unwind after a hard day.